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Over the last few months, Meridian Structural Engineers has gone through a rebranding process. The rebranding process was a deep inner reflection of our commitment, involvement, innovation, and contribution to our clients and community. It took several months of effort that included extensive analysis of the marketplace and our organization. We also surveyed some of our clients, whom we greatly…

Thinking Out of the Box

The enormous advances in computer modeling that we’ve seen in recent years have hugely changed the structural engineering industry. Now wildly complex structures can be engineered in minutes. What used to take a structural engineer weeks of precise calculating is accomplished hyper-efficiently by computer software. Does this mean that structural engineers are a breed of the past? While technological advancements…

Lean Thinking — it makes all the difference

During the last thirty years, a new way of thinking has been creeping across the business landscape. Old paradigms of how to manufacture the most products at the lowest costs have given way to a fresh, Lean approach. Lean Thinking is a perspective, a mindset, that focuses on streamlining process flows. It’s about paying attention to what works and trimming…

We are a structural engineering firm that adheres to the Lean Thinking paradigm.

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