In many seismic regions of the world, such as California, most of the older buildings do not have adequate seismic resistance. A seismic evaluation and retrofit is a way to make sure that a building can withstand a seismic event based on a level necessary for its use.

In the last several years, engineering science has developed new construction methods that make buildings safer. Meridian utilizes the most cutting-edge knowledge and techniques to provide a strong and safe retrofit for your building. Seismic improvements are essential safety measures to protect the occupants and contents of a building and to minimize the financial impact to the owner by limiting repairs, and loss of occupancy following a major seismic event.

We want your structure to be as safe as possible, and we use the most modern technology to make your building earthquake resistant. We evaluate the seismic resistance of your building using the standardized process listed in ASCE 41-13.

Meridian’s structural engineers also have extensive experience at restoring and seismically retrofitting important historic buildings to their original magnificence, while also making them fully functional for today.


We are a structural engineering firm that adheres to the Lean Thinking paradigm.

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